TFI Projects is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation devoted to advancing technology and art for the benefit of humanity. We have two main project areas: TFI Insight and Art 84. TFI Insight’s emphasis is technology, art & humanity and Art 84’s is art, technology & humanity, but there is lots of cross-pollination!

Among our sponsors is Technology Futures, Inc. which has a long history of future-oriented research for industry, as well as support for the arts. Leveraging the knowledge developed there and elsewhere, TFI Projects fosters better public and personal decisions and more creative and insightful people through research, education, media, and events.


Lawrence Vanston, Ph.D. President Futurist, Analyst, Collaborator, Curator, Dancer

Elizabeth Yevich, Treasurer Executive, Art Librarian, Community Leader, Dancer

Harrison Marek, Secretary Architect, Artist, Technologist

Helen Mary Marek, Art 84 Director Artist, Manager, Community Leader

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